Writer’s Block & Blogging

If I haven’t said it already, blogging is hard. More than putting words on the page, you’re brainstorming, executing, and optimizing content, building a community, sharing your work, and the list goes on. Blogging when you’re slightly OCD and a perfectionist is even more difficult. After three years of owning this domain, I still question every word that’s written on the page, and all of the words that never make it that far.

I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block that has lasted for longer than I’d like to ever admit. So, for advice, I went to my friends who encouraged me to keep going and ‘why not write about writer’s block?’ So that’s what I’m doing. Exploring why it’s been borderline physically painful for my brain to form thoughts around personal style and life.

Part of me knows this is because I feel I need to have it all figured out. Because that’s what a blog is, right? A representation of someone who knows what they’re all about. (Wrong.) I also know this creative block is courtesy of fear of judgement. Because a personal blog is meant to showcase style that conforms to others’ taste, right? (Wrong. So wrong.) It’s hard to admit, but these are only a few things that have stifled my creativity as an adult.

So, yes, I have a lot to work on. Here are a few pics from a recent photo series where I am literally trying to wrap my brain around where this blog is going to go next. I’m still not sure, but I know it’s going to be somewhere new.

StyleMouse JW Anderson

StyleMouse Prada Sunglasses

StyleMouse All Black Outfit

StyleMouse Bell Sleeves

StyleMouse Free People Top

StyleMouse Designer Sunglasses

StyleMouse Summer Style

TOP: Free People
BAG: JW Anderson


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