March 2017 Fashion Magazine Roundup

My lifelong dream was to be a magazine fashion editor until I realized print was a dying breed and I swiftly set my eyes on digital. But before every vacation, I still make my way to Hudson News and grab a handful of magazines to address the state of the union. Is Vogue still writing persuasive pieces on the latest, slightly overzealous beauty trends? Will Seventeen tell me why my new boyfriend totally sucks? Good news: I read the March 2017 fashion magazines so you don’t have to….

Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine March 2017 Cover

WTF Moment: Nell Stevens, author of Bleaker House, recalls her solo trip to a completely deserted island in an effort to write her first novel: fine. Stevens also recalls her prepared meals she arranged for 41 days: “…sachets of powdered soup, instant porridge, granola bars, and boxes of Ferrero Rocher chocolates…”
Must-Read: Show Of Strength: a collection of interviews featuring women in fashion. Harper’s Bazaar also did something that felt similar this month, but Vogue nailed it.
Note: Vogue teeters between superficial beauty and true beauty, but this issue is full of nostalgia and raw beauty. I found myself inspired by the fashion industry once again.

Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine March 2017 Cover

WTF Moment: “Be especially kind to wet strands.” How many times will I be told not to brush my wet hair lest I damage it? Let me live!
Must-Read: Sweet Potato & Avocado Recipe. I’m currently starving.
Note: Shape Magazine is the print equivalent of Pinterest: pretty, inspirational, only slightly realistic, like intricate nail art or a messy bun how-to.

Vanity Fair Magazine

Vanity Fair Magazine March 2017 Cover

WTF Moment: The Real Ex-Husband of Beverly Hills by Eric Konigsberg
Must-Read: The Real Ex-Husband of Beverly Hills by Eric Konigsberg
Note: If you’re a RHOBH fan in any capacity, this is a must-read. In it: a moody feature image of David Foster and actual diagram of Foster’s ex-wives, children, and friends that will make you wonder why he ever agreed to do the article in the first place.

Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine March 2017 Cover

WTF Moment: An entire page of advice was dedicated to a reader letter titled, “My boyfriend of four years doesn’t want to move in together.”
Must-Read: The Big Salary Reveal by Liz Brody. A lot of factors to consider like age and experience, but will inspire you to fight for what you deserve regardless.
Note: Find Your Passion by Jillian Davison. Khaki driven, this series is delicious and I’d wear every single look.

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Harper's Bazaar Magazine March 2017 Cover

WTF Moment: Dior’s New Guard by Alex Aikiu. If you don’t immediately envision Lindsay Lohan fencing in the Parent Trap, we are not on the same page.
Must-Read: Glitter For Grown-Ups by Amber Kallor: glitter shoes’ beauty counterpart.
Note: Although Harper’s will always be my first love, I wasn’t entirely impressed with this issue. Articles lacked any depth and emotion, trend articles just so-so…

Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine March 2017 Cover

WTF Moment: Is Your Locker Making You Sick by Andrea Stanley. Headlines include Dirty Gym Clothes, Forgotten Food, Dust Buildup, Messy Clutter and Exposed Surfaces. Are teens licking their lockers these days? Sitting in them in between classes? Does ‘forgotten food’ also warrant a therapist? Are lockers the new dumping ground?!?!?!?
Must-Read: Really, I’m Sorry by Gemma Correll. This is so useful for teens. I’ve had to learn to all but remove sorry from my vocabulary as an adult, especially in the workplace. Well done, Gemma.
Note: So many tassles, pompoms, and emojis, but who’s complaining?








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