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According to the naysayers, summer is over and if it weren’t for the crisp 50 degree mornings, I’d disagree. Instead, I’ve been forced to embrace the chill and assess my fall wardrobe… which unfortunately resembles a graveyard from the early 2000s.

At this point, I’d normally start scouring the runways for designer sunglasses and handbags. But this year, I’m on my own with hella bills to pay and a dog that I casually refer to as my first born. (You can imagine how well this is going for my wallet.)

So, I’m looking to the art of thrift shopping. A little background – thrifted and vintage clothing was the foundation for my wardrobe 5 years ago. I was a college student in New York City living on a budget that allowed for a choice between coffee or new clothes (coffee won). Since the new and improved me thinks food > glitter shoes (ugh, is it though? IS IT?!?), I’m back to thrifting.

I’ll go into my favorite places for thrift finds in a future post, but I wanted to share one of my favorite finds here – a white vintage blazer with 3/4 sleeves and shoulder pads that would make Madonna regress to her old scrunchie wearing ways. Note: I recently wore this blazer to dinner and the waiter told me it was a “balls-y move”.

Appetite = gone.

So, if you want to be *balls-y* (eyeroll) or if you just want some tips for finding cool, non ball-related thrift pieces, follow me on Instagram @stylemouse.

stylemouse fall 2017 outfit

stylemouse blog rachel comey sandals

stylemouse vintage outfit

stylemouse white vintage blazer

stylemouse rachel comey patent leather sandals

stylemouse white vintage jacket

stylemouse vintage

stylemouse rachel comey shoes

stylemouse black and white outfit

BLAZER: Thrifted
PANTS: Necessary Clothing
SHOES: Rachel Comey

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