A Case For Designer Sunglasses

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I don’t know what it costs to manufacture designer sunglasses. If I did, I’d probably need to be hospitalized from a markup heart-attack. But the better question is: what are designer sunglasses worth? To me, they’re worth the case into which I carefully place them before losing them in my handbag. They’re worth the extra care I take to ensure the weight of my ass doesn’t crush them in the car, never to be worn again. To me, they’re worth the investment.

It’s possible I’ve been brainwashed by Vogue to believe there’s something special about a few pieces of plastic (insert Mean Girls meme). But if I compare the number of sunglasses I’ve owned in the past 5 years to the number of flimsy boardwalk sunglasses I hoarded in my teens, the numbers make sense.

Maybe it has nothing to do with quality. Maybe it’s a state of mind – treating a pair of designer sunglasses as a luxury somehow makes them feel worth it. And if fashion isn’t a feeling, then why do we bother?

Would you invest in a pair of designer sunglasses? Share a thought in a comment below!

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  1. I have invested in designer sunglasses before, and I was shocked when one day they just snapped while putting them on. I was so disappointed because, up until that point, I had tried so hard to be very careful. They aren’t cheap, and yes… the markup is outrageous! I vowed never to invest in another pair. Fast forward a year, and my eye doctor recommended investing in a nicer pair of sunglasses… not for a fashion statement as much for a relief for my sun sensitive eyes. I did, and I have been thrilled with them ever since. They require extra TLC, but in the end they are worth it!

    • That’s really disappointing that your first pair broke, especially when you have confidence in the brand you’re purchasing from. I have sensitive eyes also and it really does help to have a good pair! Happy you found the one 🙂

  2. I have this debate in my head every year and every year I settle for a cheapo pair that I won’t get sad losing but that make me kind of sad wearing the whole summer, I’m vowing to treat myself to a pair I’m proud wearing and that make me happy:) Great post!

    • Yes! That’s exactly how I felt! I was so scared to invest in a good pair thinking I’d break them or lose them, but I treat them so much better and actually love wearing them. Thanks for sharing!

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