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Unless you’re a designer of ‘athleisure’, the word comfort has a bad reputation in the fashion industry. Comfort implies laziness, lack of effort and, worst of all, lack of style. But it doesn’t have to mean all of the above, especially in a chilly office from 9AM to 5PM! As someone who is habitually cold and loves to be comfortable, here’s my favorite way to build a cozy daytime outfit.

The key is to layer, so start with a pair of comfortable cotton or linen pants (high waist, please!). Next, if you’re habitually cold like me, try tucking in your favorite turtleneck sweater and layer on a jacket. I love a good vintage jacket, like this one! Top off with slides that closely resemble slippers and, ta-da! You’ve achieved the ultimate comfort outfit.

What’s your favorite go-to cozy look?

x, StyleMouse

Pants: Free People
Top: Necessary Clothing
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Jacket: vintage

StyleMouse Comfort Look

StyleMouse Necessary Clothing Turleneck

StyleMouse Jeffrey Campbell Doshi Slide

Free People Wild Coast Pant StyleMouse

StyleMouse Blue Cotton Pant

StyleMouse Vintage Jacket

StyleMouse Comfortable Outfit

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