A Day In Manhattan

This past weekend, I not only celebrated my beautiful friend’s wedding, but I had the chance to roam around New York and spend a day in Manhattan…

STAY: The James New York NoMad

We stayed at The James New York NoMad around the corner from the wedding venue. Aside from convenience, the hotel was perfectly discreet, minimal, and very much New York (think small staircases and winding halls). The lobby housed velvet and cowhide couches I wanted to take home immediately, while the rooms had a 1970’s vibe. And our room was surprisingly spacious compared to other hotels in NYC! Hint, you tend to get a reasonable amount of space with double beds. Singles? Not so much.

The James Hotel Entrance StyleMouse

StyleMouse The James Hotel Nomad Lobby

The James Hotel Nomad StyleMouse

Window Seat StyleMouse

StyleMouse The James Nomad

StyleMouse The James Hotel Room

StyleMouse The James Hotel Room

StyleMouse James Hotel Mini Bar

EAT: Somewhere in Midtown… or Chelsea

I was SO excited to eat at Penelope’s in Murray Hill area. I’ve been wanting to go there for years, but the expected wait to be seated always held me back. On Saturday morning, I finally got my breakfast and it was honestly the worst breakfast we’ve ever had. Ever. Like ‘in all of time’ ever. And as we sat and ate our breakfast, I couldn’t help but listen to diners’ conversations (I literally couldn’t help it, we were rubbing elbows while we ate) they lamented that their breakfast was ‘better than last time’.

I’d post pictures of our sad breakfast on the blog, but being slightly hungover and very disappointed, I completely forgot to take them. So we swiftly left our uneaten food and made our way through Madison Park toward the very best breakfast on the island of Manhattan: Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company in Chelsea. (Again, no photos – very hungover and hungry. Imagine a wild, rabid animal running across Manhattan at 9AM for a plain bagel.) By the time we arrived the line was out the door, and extended down the block when we left… but it’s worth it, trust me! I got the usual plain toasted bagel with extra scallion cream cheese (I told you, rabid animal.)

Penelope's Brunch New York City StyleMouse

Madison Square Park StyleMouse

It was a whirlwind 24 hours. One incredible wedding (pictures on Instagram!), an amazing stay at The James New York, a shitty breakfast followed by an amazing one, and the kind of freedom only New York City can provide.

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  1. Beautiful shots, loving the 70s vibe!

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