5 Things To Discover This Week: Vol.1

Discover new podcasts, magazines, books, binge-worthy tv, blogs, brands and beauty bits. 
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While I’m not a huge fan of Hilary Milnes’ interviewing style, The Glossy Podcast features some amazing names in the fashion industry, from Brother Vellies founder, Aurora James, to Teen Vogue’s Digital Director, Phil Picardi. If you need some inspiration or a kick in the pants, listen to the unique career paths, advice and big industry ideas on The Glossy Podcast.

Reese Blutstein’s blog, double3xposure, has exploded into a wonderful world of authentic style and editorial goodness and the industry has taken note. With an emphasis on ‘wearing what you’ve already got’, double3xposure is a haven of ideas for styling the clothes already hanging in your closet.

I know, I know, I’m super late on Big Little Lies. I’ve been saving it for a rainy day, but now that HBO has created a series (debuting Feb. 19th) and may or may not destroy a good book, I have to give it a read before it’s on screen for the masses. Yes, I am that person.

During my college club days, I would pop into Necessary Clothing on Canal Street for last minute bandage dresses and hot pants, so you can imagine my concern when things came full circle and I reluctantly placed my first online order to Necessary Clothing this week. They do, however, have killer deals on turtlenecks that you may or may not be missing out on depending on your preference for neck warmth.

Binge TV
I have a deep love for mysteries and true crime, which never gets less awkward to admit publicly unless you find someone who enjoys them just as much. The Missing Season 2 (Starz) is one part mystery, one part disturbing, and is SO good.

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