5 Things To Discover This Week: Vol 2

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Hailing from Texas and living in LA, Payton Sartain (@paytonsartain) of Hustle and Halcyon has created a strong, consistent brand. She’s hilarious à la Babe Walker and Cher Horowitz and if I lived in LA I’d casually try to be her BFF.


Full disclosure: my boyfriend and I agree on virtually nothing. So when the credits rolled on a movie he chose, I was pretty shocked to find I loved it. Nocturnal Animals (Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams) is so artfully styled (Amy Adams wore some kick-ass clothing), even the death scene looks like a MET painting (SO CREEPY, JUST TRUST ME). Surprise, surprise: Tom Ford wrote and directed Nocturnal Animals and it all makes sense.


What’s better than the shameless honesty of kids? NOTHING. Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids highlights the intricacies of relationships, parental rules, societal norms, and the opposite sex while growing up. This podcast is hilarious and, if you ever kept a journal as a child, is a must.


After posting a few excerpts of American Babe on @stylemouse I got a lot of questions about what I was reading. Babe Walker is so outrageous, slightly obnoxious and definitely my favorite fictional character ever created. That is not an exaggeration. If you’ve never read White Girl Problems or Psychos, start with those then read American Babe. You’re welcome.

Next up on the reading list: American Babe featuring @babewalker #idol #babewalker #reading

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Rachel Comey is in no way new to the fashion scene, but she is a new addition to my closet. I recently purchased a pair of comfortable Rachel Comey slingbacks. They’re current, yet timeless and look incredible with a pair of black trousers.







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